Our pricing philosophy is simple: help users without money and only charge those who can afford Hotpot.

Every purchase is protected by our Happiness Guarantee.

Minor Edits

Minor edits for the same graphic are free for 30 days. Buy graphics with peace of mind, knowing you can make revisions if you find a typo or requirements change unexpectedly.

Free Graphics

If you're a student, on a budget, or working on open-source, we can offer free graphics. We rather lose a few dollars one time than a few users forever.

Just make a request via Twitter like this. No Twitter? Contact us another way. Please attribute free graphics to Hotpot on your website, app store page, or social media by linking to

We have been constrained by ramen budgets before and want to help others. We have felt the wrenching anxiety of ballooning bills and shrinking bank accounts. It's not fun. Sometimes a little kindness can boost morale just enough to close that last sale or fix that last bug. We're also betting you will help tell others if you love Hotpot enough. And one day when you supplant Jeff Bezos as the world's richest person, feel free to Vemmo us $1 billion. :)

Bloggers, Educators, Redditors, and Influencers

If some of your readers, friends, and followers can't afford Hotpot, please reach out. We can create a special promo code for them to bypass the paywall and download graphics free.

Also, if you run a Reddit sub and would like to offer Hotpot for free to your users, please contact us. We're happy to help fellow Redditors on a budget!

Unlimited Pass

Each Unlimited Pass lets you create unlimited graphics for 30 days. Besides saving money, the Unlimited Pass saves you time by skipping the payment form for each graphic.

Up to 3 people -- friends, strangers, anyone! -- can share an Unlimited Pass. So one way to save money is to find others and split an Unlimited Pass.

After purchasing an Unlimited Pass, you will receive a promo code for creating graphics and bypassing the paywall. No account needed. :)

Please buy Unlimited Passes here.


P.S. If you work at Google Cloud, please reach out. AWS is looking awfully attractive.

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