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Our AI Helpers spark creativity and automate tedious work. They span the creative process: conceiving ideas, creating art and images, producing compelling marketing content, and enlarging graphics to commercial sizes.

Turn your imagination into NFT art and NFTs. Powered by the latest AI technology, create NFT art and NFTs by telling our AI what to create with simple text instructions.

NFT Art Generator

Turn your imagination into NFT art. Create NFT art in seconds by telling our AI what to make with simple instructions. Or use AI to generate variations of a single image or asset.
Turn imagination into NFT art and NFTs. Create NFT art and NFTs by telling our AI what to create.

NFT Bulk Creation

The easy way to create NFT collections of 100, 500, 1K, 5K, or 10K items. Leave the work to us.
Get NFT ideas and crazy inspiration AI Sparkwriter from Sparkwriter acts as your brainstorm buddy and can also help you craft compelling NFT descriptions, names, and taglines.

NFT Marketing

Get NFT ideas and marketing support with AI Sparkwriter. Sparkwriter helps generate NFT ideas, and also helps craft compelling NFT descriptions, social media copy, names, and taglines.
Enlarge NFTs and other graphics without losing quality by using the power of AI.

AI NFT Enlarger

Enlarge NFTs, photos, art, and other graphics with incredible quality.
Make NFTs by applying custom styles to graphics created from our AI Art Maker.

AI NFT Photo Maker

Turn photos into NFT collections by applying custom art styles to images.

Collection Mixer

Combine graphic assets into NFT collections with Collection Mixer. Mix images, graphics, artwork, and other assets with easy-to-use software, producing 10,000 or more variations for NFT collections and online portfolios.

NFT Pages

Highlight NFT art and share links the modern way with Hotpot NFT Pages. Websites are hard to create; Instagram profiles are restrictive; and business cards are outdated. Hotpot Pages offer a better way to introduce yourself: share links and contact information, and highlight NFT art. Free.
Sharpen NFTs by using AI to sharpen colors, smooth pixelation, and enhance images.

AI NFT Sharpener

Sharpen colors, smooth pixelation, and enhance graphics with our AI Sharpener. Perfect for AI-created graphics which appear too pixelated or lack smoothness.


Use the Hotpot API to automatically generate NFTs. Built on Amazon AWS, our API is simple, fast, and scalable and allows you to offer NFT creation directly from your website or to produce NFTs in bulk.
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