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Make App Icons created a free app icon generator to convert icons into the required sizes for different platforms: iOS, Android, Unity, Microsoft, Chrome, Firefox, macOS, and more. Our app icon maker is online, easy to use, and aims to supports every digital product, including mobile apps, browser extensions, desktop apps, Unity games, these amazing widgets, and more.

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Why, Apple, Why?

Creating mobile and desktop apps is a complex and challenging endeavor, but one with incredible upside. There are nearly 4 billion people in the world with smartphones and almost 1 billion personal computers in use globally. The market is massive if you can produce unique software that addresses a common desire. Unfortunately, the competition is also extensive -- as are the hoops Apple, Google, Unity, Microsoft, and other platform owners make developers jump through.

As if conceiving a good idea then coding it into reality weren't hard enough, these tech overlords force sleep-deprived developers to undertake several annoying tasks that should be automated by Xcode, Android Studio, or other IDEs. One of the most soul-sucking tasks is generating app icons. Because apps get distributed to devices with different resolutions and may get surfaced in different contexts (e.g., home screen versus a search result), Lord Apple and others require apps to include multiple sizes of the same app icon.

Simple, right? These companies are flush with billions of dollars and legions of brilliant developers, so surely they streamlined the process for third-party developers so they can concentrate on minor details like, um, making something users love. Surely you would be wrong.

For instance, Apple requires 1x, 2x, and 3x versions of all icons and images bundled inside each iOS app with no automatic mechanism for making them. Google imposes similar requirements for Google Play apps, mandating icons called drawables that range from 0.75x to 4.0x the base app icon size. Not content to make only Android developers miserable, Google kindy imposes icon requirements for Chrome extensions as well. Unity unsurprisingly maintains its reputation as the leading cause of developer suffering by layering inscrutable documentation on top of maddening demands. But honestly, would it still be a proper Unity game if the dev experience was clear and painless? Even Firefox, the vanguard of developer freedom and progress, forces people to create separate icon sizes.

Resizing icons is a massive waste of developer time and energy, so this compelled us to create a free app icon maker. Hopefully, you find it helpful.

App Store & Google Play Store Petition

Please sign this petition to encourage Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai to slash the fees for the App Store and Google Play store to 10%. This meticulously crafted petition aims to support indie and mobile developers who generate less than $1m (USD) in annual revenue. If we stand together and yell loud enough, they will hear us. Join the movement.

If enough people join, perhaps we can expand the petition to also encompass the Unity Store.

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