Hotpot Jobs


Our vision is to help the world create with AI.

Building Hotpot demands a daunting number of tasks. Instead of mastering every detail, we want to partner with experts so we can focus on what matters to Hotpot users: product. Every minute spent duplicating someone else's skills is a minute not spent on developing features and enhancing the Hotpot experience.

Machine Learning

  • ML engineers and researchers to advance SOTA in applied vision: image personalization, image generation, semantic object detection, image matting, super-resolution, colorization, restoration, and more
  • GPT, Stable Diffusion, and Imagen prompt writers


Frontend (HTML/CSS/JS)

  • Web developers
  • HTML5 canvas consultants


  • Rails engineers
  • Firebase engineers
  • AWS/GCP engineers


  • AI prompt designers: teach AI how to draw oil paintings, charcoal sketches, fantasy art, app icons, and more
  • UI designers
  • Graphic designers

Writing & Copywriting

  • AI prompt writers: teach AI how to write marketing copy, song lyrics, book passages, articles, LinkedIn bios, and more

Hotpot Culture

Society faces countless problems, from climate change to pervasive poverty to rampant disease.

We would love to solve them all, but we are not talented enough. Moreover, lack of focus is the cardinal sin with startups. We are arguably attempting too much already.

The only way to maximize our miniscule odds of success is with maniacal commitment to a very narrow slice of problems and with the sobering humility that endeavoring to please all will only please none.

If we're extraordinarily focused and blessed, we will make users happier than our competitors and earn their trust and business.

Accordingly, we are politically neutral and dedicated to solving issues at the technology layer, not the human layer. We are technologists, not activists. We recognize that fire, the printing press, and other general technologies can both harm and help society, and seek to maximize benefit while minimizing damage.

History and logic unequivocally prove that technology is the most powerful force for elevating living standards and advancing society, and we hope to play a tiny part in extending this trend.

How To Apply

Email info at if you're passionate about our mission and empowering 1 billion people with AI. Explain which Hotpot products interest you most, and include position-specific information as documented below.

ML researchers: share the 5 most recent papers you read and one common assumption you think may be wrong (e.g., diffusion models require Gaussian noise). No assumptions to challenge? No worries. This is the reason to join us -- to discover new truths and expose flawed assumptions. Hotpot provides a unique opportunity to both pursue SOTA research and directly benefit people. Impactful ideas won't sit up locked up on arXiv. Instead, they will flow into our AI products and benefit users around the world.

Developers: share resume and profiles from GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Hacker News.

Designers: share portfolio and resume. We're undergoing a massive facelift. Now's the time to join and leave your design mark on Hotpot. Please send proposals on how to make Hotpot look amazing.

Writers: share one article from a popular news site you thought was beautifully written but logically flawed.

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