Our vision is to make the world more creative with AI.

Instead of focusing on creative aspects, designers are often saddled with menial tasks like changing copy, tweaking colors, or worse. Makers are forced to slow down and squeeze through this design bottleneck.

Building Hotpot requires a daunting number of tasks. Instead of mastering every detail, we want to partner with experts so we can focus on what matters to Hotpot users: product. Every minute spent duplicating someone else's skills is a minute not spent on developing features and enhancing the Hotpot experience.

Help us.

If you're interested, email info at If you're a developer, please share your profiles from GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Hacker News. If you're a researcher, please share your papers and the 5 most recent papers you read. If you're a designer, please include your portfolio and Dribbble. Please also state which part of Hotpot interests you most.

Machine Learning

  • GPT and Codex prompt engineers
  • ML engineers and researchers to advance SOTA in applied vision

Frontend (HTML/CSS/JS)

  • Web developers for graphic platform
  • Web developers for video platform
  • HTML5 canvas consultants


  • AWS/GCP engineers
  • FFmpeg engineers


  • UI designers
  • Graphic designers
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