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Stable Diffusion is an AI image generator invented by, the Ludwig Maximilian University machine learning research group, and AI art enthusiasts around the world.

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Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) now empower anyone to create stunning images and art from text, much like instructing a human artist.

Millions of people use each month to bring their imagination to life with AI.

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Stable Diffusion Overview

People worldwide are leveraging this incredible technology to produce professional, attractive images and artwork with unprecedented ease.

Stable Diffusion belongs to the same class of powerful AI text-to-image models as DALL-E 2 and DALL-E 3 from OpenAI and Imagen from Google Brain. All these amazing models share a principled belief to bring creativity to every corner of the world, regardless of income or talent level. This builds on the inherent promise of technology: to democratize access and decrease inequality, granting normal people access to goods and services previously only affordable to the rich.

The transformative potential of Stable Diffusion extends beyond mere image creation; it's a tool that redefines the boundaries of artistic expression and design. By enabling users to convert text into high-quality images, it opens up a world where visual storytelling becomes more accessible and inclusive. This technology is not just for artists and designers; educators, marketers, and content creators can now illustrate complex ideas and narratives with only a few keystrokes. The impact of such a tool is profound, as it bridges the gap between imagination and reality, empowering individuals to bring their most vivid dreams and stories to life. Stable Diffusion, along with its contemporaries, is not just a technological advancement; it's a catalyst for a new era of creativity and expression, where the power to create is in everyone's hands.

Stable Diffusion Online Editor

The easiest way to tap into the power of Stable Diffusion is to use the enhanced version from We applied proprietary optimizations to the open-source model, making it easier and faster for the average person. We also integrated other Hotpot AI services to make it easier to enhance faces, enlarge images, and more.

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Stable Diffusion API offers multiple versions of the Stable Diffusion API. See here for details.

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