Hotpot Tools

Hotpot offers multiple services to simplify design tasks faced by developers, entrepreneurs, designers, and marketers.

If you use our free tools, linking to us is very much appreciated.

  • AI Localization: Use AI to translate text in seconds and expand your addressable market. Used for marketing graphics, YouTube subtitles, e-commerce stores, plus iOS, Android, and other mobile apps. $0.01 per 20 characters.
  • AI Remaster: Turn black & white photos into color with AI. Reimagine the past by seeing ancestors and historic figures in color. Our current technology is based on the open-source project, DeOldify.
  • AI Supersizer: Upscale graphics and images 2x-4x without losing quality. Powered by AI. Perfect for game assets, app icons, old photos, or other graphics.
  • AI Color Helper: Not legally color blind, but effectively color blind like us? This service powered by machine learning and color theory helps you pick colors for app/website design, marketing graphics, and beautiful gradients.
  • Icon Resizer: Resize icons and images for iOS, Android, Chrome, and other platforms. This service outputs icons in mandated sizes for each platform, and outputs images in 2x, 3x, xxxhdpi, xxhdpi, xhdpi, hdpi, mdpi, ldpi, and other resolutions. May also make you fly, but only with the right cheat code. :)
  • Icon Creator: Customize 5,000+ free icons from SF Symbols, Material Design, Framework7, and the Hotpot community. Edit colors, sizes, and backgrounds. Also 100% guaranteed to help you gain muscle and lose fat.
  • SVG To PNG Converter: Use this free service to convert SVG images to PNG, JPG, and other formats. May also convert lame Dad jokes to hilarious Conan O'Brien jokes.
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