AI Object Remover

Erase people, animals, stray hairs, and other unwanted parts of a picture. Our AI makes it easy to clean up selfies, portraits, ID pictures, vacation pictures, and professional photos.

Erase people, stray hairs, animals, and other unwated parts from an image. Our AI works in seconds and makes it easy to clean up selfies, portraits, vacation pictures, and other types of photos.

To remove backgrounds, see our related AI service.

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    Pricing & Licensing

    Buy credits for commercial use.

    Free requests limit resolution and use the CC BY-NC license.

    For legal purposes, we store cryptographic hashes of generated graphics -- but not the graphics themselves. This allows us to identify graphics created with Hotpot.


    • How do I use this?

      Mark areas of the image to erase. For best results, you may need erase an area multiple times.

    • Do you support larger resolutions?

      We are building this. Please contact us to process larger images.

    • Can you auto-detect objects with AI and erase them?

      Yes. Please contact us to use this beta feature.


    This Hotpot AI service removes the background from pictures. We optimized this service to cleanly extract people and products, which is ideal for e-commerce pictures, profile photos, and marketing graphics. In more technical terms, we utilize state-of-the-art object segmentation models to pinpoint the location of important foreground objects like a person or a car. Then we separate the objects from the background with alpha masking and apply finishing touches to ensure the smoothest results.

    Research Credit

    Hotpot builds on and is informed by many machine learning papers and projects. See here for credits.

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