App Marketing Pack

Create marketing graphics and marketing copy for iOS, Android, and other mobile apps with

From App Store screenshots, social media posts, icons, feature graphics, and more, Hotpot offers an easy way to create attractive graphics within minutes.

Our AI Copywriter helps you produce compelling app headlines, taglines, descriptions, and copy.

We also offer free tools for iOS and Android developers to automate annoying tasks like resizing app icons and images. See below to learn more.

App Store screenshot generator

App Store Screenshot Generator

App Logos

Write engaging app descriptions, taglines, summaries, and marketing copy for iOS and Android apps.

AI Writer

Use the latest AI technology to spark your writing. Together with AI, craft engaging descriptions, taglines, summaries, and marketing copy for iOS and Android apps.

iOS App Graphics

Android App Graphics

Colorize pictures with AI in seconds.

Social Media Graphics

AI Photo Upscaler

Upscale photos, art, game assets, and other graphics with incredible quality. Our photo upscaler uses AI to increase image resolution and optimizes for people, products, and art.

AI Color Generator

Not legally color blind, but effectively color blind like us? This service helps you pick colors for logos, app design, marketing graphics, and beautiful gradients.

AI File Translator

Reach more users with translation. Translate iOS, Android, YouTube, and other localization files into 70+ languages. Instead of copying & pasting into Bing Translate, Hotpot automates translation while preserving the localization format.

Icon Resizer

Resize icons and images for iOS, Android, Chrome, and other platforms. This service outputs icons in mandated sizes for each platform, and outputs images in 2x, 3x, xxxhdpi, xxhdpi, xhdpi, hdpi, mdpi, ldpi, and other resolutions. May also make you fly, but only with the right cheat code. :)

Free Icons

Customize 5,000+ free icons from Material Design, Framework7, and the Hotpot community. Edit colors, sizes, and backgrounds. Also 100% guaranteed to help you gain muscle and lose fat.

Free Game Assets

We scoured the web and compiled a list of 150+ resources for game assets, most of which are free. From sprites to tiles to sounds, if you're building a game, this directory will help jumpstart your quest toward becoming the next gaming sensation.
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