Stable Diffusion API

Stable Diffusion API

Add Stable Diffusion to your app, website, or workflow with

We provide multiple Stable Diffusion API versions:

  1. Premium: implementation with proprietary optimizations for enterprises and consumers.
  2. Standard: normal Stable Diffusion model with the ability to customize model parameters.
  3. Budget: model that optimizes for cost.

API Price

The Stable Diffusion API price depends on monthly volume, subscription, and co-marketing discounts.

Be wary of deals for unlimited requests at a fixed price. This is untenable for compute-heavy services like Stable Diffusion. Either reliability or latency must give. A simple way to validate unlimited deals is to inquire what happens if you execute 1m requests per day.

API Scalability

Our enterprise-grade API powers millions of image generation requests each month. Focus on building unique workflows while we manage API scalability, latency, and reliability.

API Access

The easiest way to test the Stable Diffusion API is with our Stable Diffusion Online Editor. The Stable Diffusion results from this editor are identical to our API results. Our API is what powers the online editor.

The difference lies in speed: API users gain access to private and more powerful instances, which create images in 1-3 seconds on the server.

Free test credits are available for the Stable Diffusion API and all Hotpot AI products.

Contact us to obtain an API key.

Stable Diffusion Online Editor

Explore Stable Diffusion with an enhanced version developed by We applied proprietary optimizations to the open-source model, making it easier and faster for the average user. We also integrated other Hotpot services to simplify common image editing tasks like face enhancement, image upscaling, colorization, and more.

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Stable Diffusion Overview

The Stable Diffusion image generator is an amazing model produced by, the Ludwig Maximilian University machine learning research group, and contributions from AI artists and enthusiasts around the world. In particular, talented and underrecognized researchers from NVIDIA kickstarted the trend toward modern generative AI architectures with their influential paper on score-based generative modeling in latent space.

People worldwide are leveraging Stable Diffusion to produce wonderous images and art.

This model follows on the heels of other powerful image generator models from OpenAI and Google Brain. All these models share a principled belief of bringing creativity to every corner of the world, regardless of income or talent level. This builds on the inherent promise of technology: to empower everyone with services only affordable to the elite.

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