Stable Diffusion API

Unleash the power of text-to-image capabilities with Stable Diffusion. Our enterprise-grade API empowers seamless integration of advanced AI image generation and comes with a proven record of excellence. Elevate AI image generation with robust infrastructure designed to deliver affordable, high-quality images for any app, website, or workflow.

Hotpot is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and millions of consumers worldwide.

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Stable Diffusion Versions

We offer multiple versions of Stable Diffusion, each catering to different needs and budgets.

  • Stable Diffusion Normal: applies proprietary optimizations to vanilla Stable Diffusion for improved quality and latency. Runs on Hotpot standard servers.
  • Stable Diffusion Premium: applies additional optimizations to Stable Diffusion Normal, with higher quality and the lowest latency. Runs on A100 servers.
  • Stable Diffusion Budget: optimizes Stable Diffusion for the lowest possible cost.
  • Hotpot Image Generator: premium image generation, offering maximum quality and the same styles and proprietary model powering the AI Image Generator from

These Stable Diffusion API versions are based on Stable Diffusion XL.

Stable Diffusion 2.1 and Stable Diffusion 1.5 are available upon request.

Stable Diffusion Pricing

We offer flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing based on each image generated, not server time. No subscription required. Stable Diffusion API pricing starts at $0.002 per image for Budget Stable Diffusion.

Free credits are given to new users for testing, no credit card required.

Unlimited Pricing

Be wary of offers promising unlimited Stable Diffusion.

It is misleading to offer "unlimited" generation of GPU-heavy services like Stable Diffusion.

API providers must either compromise on reliability, latency, or both. To expose unlimited deals and uncover the true limits behind these deals, ask what happens if you generate 1 million images per day.


The API powers millions of image generation requests each month from Fortune 500 enterprises, consumers, and small businesses around the world. Our API infrastructure is built on enterprise-grade servers from leading cloud platforms, not decentralized consumer GPUs that form an unreliable mesh network.

API Access

Free test credits are available for the Stable Diffusion API and all Hotpot AI products.

Start with code samples here: Stable Diffusion API.

Email us to obtain an API key.

Related Image Generator APIs

Hotpot also provides access to other popular image generators in case Stable Diffusion isn't ideal for your needs.

These image generators are offered at no markup for high volumes or with a small 10% convenience fee for low volumes.

  • Google Imagen
  • OpenAI Dall-E 3
  • Hotpot Art Maker

Stable Diffusion Overview

The Stable Diffusion image generator is an amazing model produced by, the Ludwig Maximilian University machine learning research group, and contributions from AI artists and enthusiasts. In particular, talented researchers from NVIDIA kickstarted the trend toward modern generative AI architectures with their influential paper on score-based generative modeling in latent space.

People worldwide are leveraging Stable Diffusion to produce amazing images and art.

This model follows on the heels of other powerful image generator models from OpenAI and Google Brain. All these models share a principled belief of bringing creativity to every corner of the world, regardless of income or talent level. This builds on the inherent promise of technology: to empower everyone with services only affordable to the elite.

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