Login Help

  1. Logout from Hotpot, then close all Hotpot windows.
  2. Open Chrome in incognito. Disable VPNs and ad blockers.
  3. Password issue? Reset password here.
  4. Login here. Verify incognito Chrome and disabled ad blockers and VPNs.
  5. If desktop login fails, try mobile. Browser extensions or network policies may block Google/Firebase, which we use. For more help, contact us.

Credit Help

  1. Did you use Apple/Google Pay? Credits are tied to your payment email.
  2. Check here for your Hotpot email.
  3. Ensure you are logged in with your payment email.
  4. If an error says your account doesn't exist, create the account. Credits appear upon registration.
  5. For more help, contact us.

Headshot Help

  1. See "Credit Help" above to confirm credits.
  2. Train your AI here. For more help, contact us.

Cancellation Help

  1. See here to ensure you're logged in with your payment email.
  2. After confirming you're logged in with your payment email, click here for the cancellation option.
  3. For more help, contact us.

API Help

  1. API prices vary by the product, settings, and volume.
  2. Discounts are offered for volume, subscriptions, and co-marketing. See here for co-marketing details.
  3. To obtain an API key, email [email protected] with: (1) the products you wish to use; and (2) estimated monthly volume.

Unsafe Content Help

If you're an organization seeking to block explicit images from your network, please set the header "Hotpot-Safety-Filter" to "true" in all outgoing requests. If you have more questions, please contact us.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have other questions or still need help.

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