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Making games is an ambitious endeavor. We salute you. The industry is jammed with thousands of game developers also competing to enchant users with handcrafted masterpieces. We hope this page makes your quest a little easier. This page documents both free and paid assets and resources for making Unity games, iOS games, Android games, 2D games, 3D games, and other games. While most of these game assets and game resources are free, some may offer paid assets through a freemium model. Where possible, we avoid strictly paid resources unless they are best-in-class.

There are countless assets and resources to help developers craft incredible games. We spent hours pruning these options and selecting only the best ones for accelerating game development. Our research produced more than 150 services and resources that span the spectrum of game development, from general game assets to sprites, sounds, music, tile assets, background patterns, and more.

We do not summarize assets or highlight free ones because free game assets and resources frequently change, probably because maintaining free resources is unsustainable for most businesses. As a result, other lists that provide summaries or tag-free resources commonly become stale.

This guide is cross-referenced for developer convenience on GitHub. To add or remove items from this list, please make a pull request on our GitHub mirror of this page.

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General Graphics


Backgrounds & Patterns

Color Helpers

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