Selling With Hotpot

People across the world leverage Hotpot to augment creativity and productivity. This FAQ addresses common questions about using Hotpot for free or for commercial purposes.


  • How can I buy licenses for Hotpot content?

    We offer two options: credits and licenses.

    Credits are cheaper and recommended. Simply buy credits and create. Content produced with credits includes a license.

    If you created something for free, to buy licenses: (1) view your Hotpot files; (2) click item to license; (3) download item then choose the commercial option.

    See details on commercial use and intellectual property below.

  • Can I use Hotpot graphics and text commercially?

    Yes, if you buy credits or buy a license.

    Note this only authorizes you to use Hotpot for commercial reasons.

    This does not constitute copyright or intellectual property protection. We cannot guarantee uniquess anymore than Photoshop or Microsoft Word. It is conceivable for someone to produce similar or even identical content with other software or AI. This means any logo, text, or graphic produced on Hotpot could be made elsewhere.

    Treat Hotpot as an AI helper who sparks creativity and automates drudgery -- but not someone who verifies compliance with intellectual property laws.

    Ultimately, Hotpot is nothing but a general tool that produces graphics and text guided by a human.

    It is your responsibility to produce unique content that honors local and international laws. To personalize graphics more easily, use unique seed images with AI Art Generator or AI Art Remixer.

    We may use invisible watermarks to identify Hotpot creations for legal disputes.

  • Can I use Hotpot for free?

    Since not everyone can afford Hotpot, we provide free tiers for personal or non-commercial use for most products.

    For free use, please attribute Hotpot. See details.

  • What do Hotpot licenses cover?

    Hotpot licenses simply authorize use of Hotpot software for commercial use. These licenses do not constitute copyright or any form of intellectual property.

    Hotpot is nothing more than a general tool for producing images, graphics, and text. Users bear full responsibility for ensuring that commercial use of Hotpot content adheres to applicable local and international laws.

  • Are AI images copyrightable?

    The question technically remains open. Courts have issued conflicting opinions and are examining multiple cases.

    However, if people can copyright iPhone photos, produced with the click of a button and powered by AI, it only seems logical to allow copyrighting of AI images and art. This opinion is not legal advice, however, since legal rulings may oscillate for years before settling on the optimal outcome for society.

    Please consult an attorney for formal legal opinions.

    Hotpot licenses simply authorize use of Hotpot software for commercial use. These licenses do not constitute copyright or any form of intellectual property.

  • Can you guarantee unique creations?

    No service can guarantee uniqueness. For AI images and art, AI Art Remixer lets you more easily differentiate images while custom seed images also increase the chance of uniqueness.

    Other users may use similar or even identical prompts, producing similar or identical results.

    No universal algorithm exists for detecting image uniqueness. Subjective opinions drive judgements because this is an intractable philosophical question, eluding any form of objective definition. For instance, if two images share 60% similarity, are they duplicates of each other?

    The safest approach is to treat Hotpot like a digital helper who augments creativity and productivity, someone who helps brainstorm and automates drudgery -- but not someone who eliminates the creative process.

    Ultimately, users bear responsibility for ensuring uniqueness and compliance with intellectual property laws.

  • What are the terms and restrictions?

    In short, do no harm. Don't use AI to hurt others, incite violence, or anything malicious. Use Hotpot for good, and you will be good. Call it the Hotpocratic oath of AI. :)

    Users must comply with our terms and observe responsible usage. Violators are subject to unilateral account termination and ineligible for refunds.

    General technology offers the potential for advancement and abuse. Ultimately, history is resoundingly clear: from the printing press to computers, limiting general technology only limits humanity's potential. Human problems must be solved at the human layer, not the technology layer.

    Please help us ensure responsible usage, and use Hotpot to benefit society.

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