Each Hotpot product needs credits for commercial usage.

See details on commercial usage and intellectual property considerations.

Prices vary by the settings and product. Advanced settings cost more. Most Hotpot products offer a free tier for exploratory purposes.

For team, high-volume, or self-hosted pricing, please contact us. Self-hosted is only available for enterprises.

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Our philosophy is simple: charge people who can afford Hotpot and help those who cannot.

Hotpot is proud to support budding entrepreneurs in Ghana, Nigeria, and other developing nations with aggressively affordable prices. Some question charging $1 per graphic because Stripe refuses to support microtransactions and extracts a painful 32.9% per transaction. Increasing prices by $1 to offset Stripe fees would be tolerable for users in America and advanced nations, but for millions of others, $1 is comparable to a full day's wage.

Karma Tier

We are happy to offer discounted services to those on ramen budgets: students, open-source developers, non-profits, startups, or anyone constrained by budgets. Learn more.

Educators and Influencers

We frequently run collaborations with influencers and educators seeking to share Hotpot AI products with their audieneces. To request discounted or free credits, please reach out. We do not do paid collaborations.


P.S. If you work at Google Cloud, please reach out.

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