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Discover a modern approach to branding with the our AI Logo Generator. Powered by sophisticated AI, we suggest logo ideas that resonate with your brand's core values. Ideal for both startups and companies seeking inspiration and creative concepts, Hotpot acts as your muse and accelerates creation of the perfect logo. Elevate your identity with a blend of technology and artistry by entering a few words below.

Note: treat images only as logo ideas. See below for copyright and intellectual property details.

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From the wacky to the beautiful, see what other Hotpot users are making.

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Tips & Custom Styles

To use your own styles:

  1. Pick "Custom" in the style menu.
  2. Give specific instructions. For instance, "Oil painting of water lilies with vibrant brushstrokes using a happy color palette" is better than "lily flowers". See below for more examples.
  3. Read the Limitations section below, and contact us for more help.


  • Oil painting of water lilies with vibrant brushstrokes using a happy color palette
  • An underwater explosion with vibrant colors
  • Happy raindrops in the style of Vincent Van Gogh's painting, Starry Night

See our AI Art & Image Generator Guide for more information about different AI image generation techniques.


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See below for details on commercial use and intellectual property.

We may use invisible watermarks to identify Hotpot creations for legal disputes.

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  • What are the benefits of premium?

    • Commercial use*
    • More details and larger images, ideal for custom sizes
    • Results in 2-10 seconds*
    • Private images
    • No ads

    Premium images generate in a few seconds on our best servers; the balance of time depends on network speed.

    Premium images are private. Free creations are public in the AI Art Gallery.

  • Can I use Hotpot commercially?

    Yes, but please see details about commercial use and intellectual property considerations.

  • What are the terms and restrictions?

    In short, do no harm.

    Don't use AI to hurt others, incite violence, or break the law.

    This product operates under the RAIL-M license.

    Users must comply with our terms and observe responsible usage. Violators are subject to account termination and ineligible for refunds.

    General technology offers the potential for advancement and abuse. History is resoundingly clear: from the printing press to smartphones, limiting general technology only limits humanity's potential. Society must solve human problems at the human layer, not the technology layer.

    Please use AI responsibly.

Research Credit

Hotpot builds on and is informed by many machine learning papers and projects. See here for credits.

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