How To Make App Store Screenshots


App screenshots are crucial for engaging users on the App Store, Google Play, and the Chrome Store. With more than one million apps competing for user attention, studies show many consumers only browse for a few seconds before deciding whether to download an app.

This tutorial helps you create compelling and attractive app screenshots for the Apple App Store.

App Store Screenshot Sizes

The following screenshot sizes are required for the Apple App Store, although Apple thankfully allows developers to submit screenshots only for the iPhone XS Max and 12.9-Inch iPad Pro. The App Store automatically downsizes these large screenshots to the smaller sizes required. If you're tight on time and budget, we recommend this approach rather than creating individual screenshots for each device. There is no proof device-specific screenshots influence download rates.

iPhone XS Max/XR · 6.5-inch

1242 x 2688 pixels · portrait
2688 x 1242 pixels · landscape

iPhone X/XS · 5.8-inch

1125 x 2436 pixels · portrait
2436 x 1125 pixels · landscape

iPhone 6 Plus/7 Plus/8 Plus · 5.5-inch

1242 x 2208 pixels · portrait
2208 x 1242 pixels · landscape

iPhone 6/7/8 · 4.7-inch

750 x 1334 pixels · portrait
1334 x 750 pixels · landscape

iPhone 5 · 4-inch

640 x 1136 pixels · portrait
1136 x 640 pixels · landscape

iPad Pro · 12.9-inch

2048 x 2732 pixels · portrait
2732 x 2048 pixels · landscape

iPad Pro · 11-inch

1668 x 2388 pixels · portrait
2388 x 1668 pixels · landscape

iPad Air · 10.5-inch

1668 x 2224 pixels · portrait
2224 x 1668 pixels · landscape

Apple Watch · Series 3

312 x 390 pixels

Apple Watch · Series 4

368 x 448 pixels

Apple TV

1920 x 1080 pixels
3840 x 2160 pixels

Examples Of App Store Screenshots

App Store screenshots are essential to any app marketing campaign. The screenshots should match the style and tone of the app, reflecting the emotional objective of the app. For instance, finance apps may wish to project knowledge and stability while games may want to evoke whismy and playfulness.

Click here to see different types and styles of screenshots. Note the varying colors, background patterns, angles, and device frames. There is no single correct style, and it's prudent to consider multiple styles before settling on the perfect one for your app.

Screenshot Tips

Treat the screenshot like a highway billboard. Use text sparingly, and rely heavily on images. Assume users will only look at your screenshot for 5 seconds. Does the screenshot convey the app's objective and entice users within 5 seconds? If not, carefully consider how to pare down the content until it's simple enough to be digested within 5 seconds.

Try to limit screenshot colors to ones from your app's color palette. This helps reinforce consistent branding from App Store screenshots down to the app user experience.