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Spark your writing with AI. Conquer writer's block and create compelling stories, marketing copy, product descriptions, Facebook ads, song lyrics, app taglines, and product names.

Leverage technology to spark your writing. Together with AI, brainstorm engaging topics for articles, videos, and podcasts. Conquer writer's block and craft compelling stories, product descriptions, song lyrics, product names, Facebook ads, app content, social media posts, and other types of writing.

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  • Why is the output inconsistent and sometimes wrong?

    AI cannot replace humans, but it can augment us. At Hotpot, we consider AI an ally who makes everyone more creative. The fortunate implication is that AI cannot replace the creative process but can spark ideas and automate tedious tasks. Ultimately, you, the human, are the boss and must curate and refine our AI's work to fit your vision.

  • Why does the AI sometimes plagiarize?

    This is something we're fixing. For now, please remember users bear full responsibility for complying with IP laws and avoiding plagiarism. Only treat the AI as something to help spark ideas -- not something to be used verbatim. In other words, you must check the AI's work as you would check a junior person's work.

  • Will AI replace humans?

    If you believe this, we recommend using Siri more often. :)

    On a serious note, we see AI more as "augmented intelligence" -- technology that augments people rather than replaces them. In the long term, it is possible scientists and researchers invent general intelligence that one day displaces humans, but that day is certainly not today.

    Those who deride the limitations of machine learning overlook how many paid human tasks require little intelligence. More concretely, AI could immensely benefit humanity even without achieving AGI.

  • Can I use Hotpot to create divisive or hateful content?


    If you use Hotpot to create hateful or divisive content, this constitutes a violation of our terms. You will be at risk for suspension. Violations are ineligible for refunds.

    Many authors and writers use Hotpot. Hateful content may be part of creating a fictional story or documenting real-world behavior. We respect these use cases and other non-malicious applications, and simply ask you to use Hotpot for good and to not deepen the alarming the level of strife in the world.

    The mission for Hotpot is to help people create and to bring joy into the world. Please help us accelerate our mission. If in doubt, please contact us to review your content.

  • I'm on a budget. Can you offer a discount?

    Yes, contact us. Our pricing philosophy is to help the poor and charge the rich.

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