AI Picture Restorer Beta

Restore pictures with AI in seconds. Hotpot builds on the latest research to automatically remove scratches, sharpen colors, and enhance faces, transforming tattered photos into cherished memories. Color photos with faded parts are also repairable.

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API Access

Access this service programmatically with the Hotpot API.

Volume Pricing

Cost is a barrier to adoption. Our philosophy is to keep prices low enough to unlock new uses for you while high enough to sustain operations for us. We look forward to seeing what you can do with Hotpot.

Image Credits
10 images
30 images
80 images
200 images
500 images
1,100 images
2,300 images
5,000 images
11,000 images


Upload an image.

If the image has scratches, enabling the "Has Scratches" option instructs our AI to remove scratches.


This Hotpot AI service restores pictures by automatically performing scratch removal, face enhancement, and color sharpening. What used to require trained professionals hours can now be accomplished in seconds.

The service is not limited to restoring black and white photographs. Feel free to try color pictures with faded parts as well.

Note: the maximum image resolution we support is 1280x1280, but our new model supports larger images and is launching soon. Please contact us to try this newer model.

About Hotpot

Hotpot simplifies image editing and graphic design with AI tools and drag-n-drop software.

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