Karma Tier

We have been constrained by ramen budgets and want to help others. We have felt the wrenching anxiety of ballooning bills, mounting debt, and shrinking bank accounts. It's not fun. Sometimes a little kindness can boost morale just enough to close that last sale or fix that last bug.

We're also betting you will tell others if you love Hotpot enough. And one day when you supplant Jeff Bezos as the world's richest person, feel free to Vemmo us $1 billion. :)

Free or Discounted Use

There are multiple ways to use Hotpot free or heavily discounted.

The only requirement is you must pay the karma forward and surprise a stranger or friend with kindness the day after benefitting from Hotpot Karma.

If possible, please credit graphics to Hotpot and link to us from your website, app, or GitHub repo.

  • Check your favorite forums, incubators, bootcamps, subreddits, and tutorial sites. We share invite codes with many people, so you may find Hotpot codes floating around the Internet. If your school or group is not a Hotpot partner, please ask an administrator to request invite codes. These codes unlock Hotpot for 14 days.
  • Ask us. With a sweet smile and a clear plan for adding kindness to the world the next day.
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