AI Image Supersizer Beta

Enlarge photos, game assets, and other raster images in seconds. Our AI can create images of higher resolution without losing quality and is optimized for e-commerce stores, app developers, and picture sites.

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Access this service programmatically with the Hotpot API.

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Cost is a barrier to technology adoption. Our pricing philosophy is to keep prices low enough to unlock new uses for you while high enough to sustain operations for us. We look forward to seeing what you can do with Hotpot.

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Directions & Details

This Hotpot AI service increases the resolution of images, game assets, and other raster graphics without compromising quality. Most images store data in a rigid and inflexible format, causing distortions when increasing the size. With these kind of graphics, the only way to increase resolution is to extrapolate from the original version and predict how the larger image might look, not unlike guessing how a person might look in 5 years or 10 years.

Machine learning researchers have achieved stunning progress in making these predictions more sophisticated and more accurate. We combined various advances from deep learning to produce an image super-resolution service optimized for different use cases. We maintain separate models for pixel art/anime and natural pictures like profile photos, tailored for designers and generation of high resolution game assets from low resolution samples.


Help improve our AI by sharing images that convert poorly.

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