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Service Overview

Use this Hotpot service to generate icons and images for iOS, macOS, Android, Chrome, Windows, and other platforms.

For instance, iOS requires over 25 app icons, ranging in size from 16x16 to 1024x1024. Apple also mandates retina images at 2x and 3x resolution while Android requires support for 4x (xxxhdpi), 3x (xxhdpi), 2x (xhdpi), 1.5x (hdpi), 1x (mdpi), and 0.75x (ldpi) drawables. Thanks, iOS and Android overlords! Supporting multiple devices and battling these amazingly talented developers is evidently not enough of a challenge. The benevolent platform bosses also want to drown developers in menial work that should be automated natively by iOS and Android platforms.

Saving Settings

We automatically save your settings in the browser. To save settings in the cloud and avoid cache wipeouts, please create an account.

App Icon Generator

The ability to resize a single icon means this service doubles as an app icon generator for iOS and Android apps.

If you would like us to automate other tasks in your iOS or Android workflow, please let us know.

If you're bored, kill time by reading our App Icon Generator rant.

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