Hotpotcha, we gotcha! Why are you procrastinating and clicking some random link on some random website? Shame.

How are you supposed to change the world by watching some pasty white guy dance with the rhthym and grace of an elephant?!?!? Hint: you can't.

While we agree this video is disturbingly mesmerizing, you're better than us. We eat ice cream for breakfast and sneak pizza into the gym. You're here because you're building something to change the world. Get back to work!

Maybe you're procrastinating because doubt is knocking on the door, and it won't stop. You're questioning if startup risk was excessive risk, wondering if the road not taken was the road you should have taken.

Well, we believe in you. Even though we don't know you, (Michael Lee? No? It was a good guess since this is the most common name.) we believe you can change the world because you're here, on this random site, searching for a faster and better way to design graphics for your world-changing product. If you had VC money to hire the best Dribbble designers, you're not here. You're here because you're gritty, resourceful, and determined to overcome any and all obstacles. Or maybe you're here because you squandered your seed round on Pokemon like this idiotic entrepreneur.

Either way, you're here. So we believe. Even if we don't know you (Jennifer Lee?), we believe. Everything great requires faith -- defined as belief in the absence of proof. Everyone great needs someone for irrational support, someone who believes even when the evidence screams not to and your friends urge you to wake up. For founders, this crazy cheerleader is usually themselves, but even founders lose faith and need to replenish the well.

We believe in you. You can do it. The sacrifices are worth it. The critics are wrong, and they will slink away in disgrace. Go change the world. But please, oh please, first seek help for your addiction to watching pasty, white men dance like elephants.

Still reading??? GO CHANGE THE WORLD! Unless you want to buy $100 worth of Hotpot designs ... then why rush? Changing the world can wait a few minutes. You deserve a break.

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