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Reach more users with translation. Translate iOS, Android, YouTube, and other localization files into 70+ languages. Instead of copying & pasting into Bing Translate, Hotpot automates translation while preserving the localization format. This saves time and money for both professional and basic translation jobs.

Scroll down for directions, volume discounts, or API access.

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API Access

Access this service programmatically with the Hotpot API.


Translations under 100 characters are free.

$0.01 per 20 characters (translated). $1 mininum.

For example, "Hello" counts as 10 characters if you pick two languages and 50 characters if you pick 5 languages. Format characters are excluded: <div>Hello</div> only counts as 5 characters.

For volume discounts, please contact us.

Custom Formats

We support custom formats by letting you define your own regular expressions. If you want to join the beta program for custom formats, please contact us.

Service Overview

Our service is powered by Bing Translate and will soon support Google Translate.

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