Dall-E 2 is groundbreaking research from OpenAI that pursues the inherent promise of technology: enabling normal people to acquire the superpowers of the talented and rich. Most individuals lack the skills or talent to draw. Those who cannot but have money can hire professionals. The allure of Dall-E 2 is arming each person, regardless of skill or income, with the expressive abilities of professional artists.

Hotpot.ai offers a simple way for consumers to explore and harness the power of AI image generators.

Make AI Art


While Dall-E 2 is closed-source and proprietary, Dall-E Mini provides an an amazing open-source alternative, allowing anyone to gain image generation capabilities with the right computer.

AI Headshot Generator

Reimagine yourself with AI. Create AI selfies, AI headshots, corporate photos, and glamour shots of yourself in various styles and scenes. Perfect for social media profiles, dating apps, LinkedIn profiles, or simply seeing yourself in a new way.

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AI Art

Advances in artificial intelligence allow anyone to create art with simple instructions, much like instructing a human artist. This technology makes it possible for billions to visually express themselves in a way not previously possible.

Based on pioneering research from Nvidia, Google, Stability.ai, and OpenAI, these AI image models can understand simple instructions and produce images -- similar to how human artists receive instructions from patrons. But is this art or even intelligence?

Short answer: it doesn't matter if these products reflect art or intelligence. What matters is if they help people. Can AI help turn your imagination into reality, and bring a smile to your face or perhaps become the foundation of merchandise to sell on Shopify, or help you create the cover art for your next album?

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