Dall-E Mini

AI Art

Advances in artificial intelligence mean now anyone can create art or images with only simple instructions, much like instructing a human artist.

Hotpot.ai makes it easy for consumers to harness the power of AI.

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Make AI Art

OpenAI and Google have pioneered research around image generation, inventing powerful and innovative models. These models can understand simple instructions and produce images -- similar to how a human artist might take instructions from a patron. But is this art or even intelligence? See what our founder thinks, and join the debate. :)

Short answer: it doesn't matter if these products reflect art or intelligence. What matters is if they help people. Can AI help turn your imagination into reality, and bring a smile to your face or perhaps become the foundation of merchandise to sell on Shopify, or help you create the cover art for your next album? Try it out and see.

Dall-E is groundbreaking vision research from OpenAI that aims to do what technology does best: make it easy for normal people to gain the superpowers of the talented and rich. For now, the organization has elected to err on the side of caution and keep the model private for safety purposes. Dall-E Mini is an amazing open-source implementation attempting to reproduce their work.

Hotpot.ai will soon offer Dall-E Mini functionality. Until then try our alternative AI art services, which are also impressive and simple to use.

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