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Developers and designers can use the icon editor from Hotpot to browse, edit, and download SF Symbols online. For iOS icons, we automatically generate 1x, 2x, and 3x images with names based on the standardized format expected by Xcode and the App Store.

The Hotpot icon editor is free for the developer and designer community. Our goal is to help people spend less time on graphics and more time on code like this fine young gentleman.

If your app must support iOS 12 or lower, this page explains how the Hotpot icon editor could save you money and time over hiring a professional designer to produce a second icon set.

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In the summer of 2019, Apple released a comprehensive set of 1,500 icons to help developers craft more consistent and polished apps. These icons are baked into iOS 13 and rendered through the SF Symbols icon font, making the integration of beautiful icons as easy as setting UIImage filenames. Defining icon stroke, color, and other customizations are as straightforward as setting font properties. Most importantly, developers no longer need individual icon files. The only required file is the icon font, which is automatically bundled into iOS 13. Given their flexibility and ease-of-use, icon fonts are far superior to the traditional approach of individual images.

Unfortunately, Apple did not provide an online interface for browsing, editing, and downloading SF Symbols. This is inconvenient for developers and designers who infrequently use SF Symbols icons and don't want the hassle of installing yet another Mac app.

SF Symbols Petition

By keeping SF Symbols closed, Apple inadvertently wastes a massive amount of developer time and energy because sharing new SF Symbols icons and supporting apps on iOS 12 becomes more arduous. This is what compelled us to create an online browser for SF Symbols and hopefully save some people time and money.

Please sign this petition to encourage the otherwise awesome Tim Cook to improve life for iOS developers with two suggestions: (1) slash App Store fees to 10%; and (2) open source SF Symbols, so devs can more easily create and share new icons plus support iOS 12 apps. This meticulously crafted petition aims to support indie and mobile developers who generate less than $1m (USD) in annual revenue. If we stand together and yell loud enough, they will hear us. Join the movement.

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