Unlimited Pass

Each Unlimited Pass offers unlimited graphics and can be shared with 2 people.

Unlimited Passes save money and time. They allow you to create as many graphics as you want, whether 30 or 300, for the same price. They also let you skip the payment form and download graphics faster.

Like Netflix passwords, feel free to share Unlimited Passes with others -- friends, co-workers, even strangers. These people get unlimited graphics for as long as you do.

After purchasing an Unlimited Pass, this page will show a promo code. At checkout, enter this code to bypass the paywall. No account is required. We modeled Hotpot after the simplicity of Starbucks, where you can buy coffee with or without accounts.

$12.50 / mo
$150 total

Designers, if the conversation below feels painfully familiar, please ask how Hotpot can save you time and empower clients to make corrections and refinements on their own, delivering you from design purgatory.

Client: Could you darken this shade of blue, please?

Designer (cheerful): Sure! How about this?

Client: Darker.

Designer (still cheerful): Okay. Now?

Client: Darker!

Designer (outwardly cheerful, inwardly not cheerful): No problem! How does this look?

Client: Argh! Are you color blind?!?!?! This is way too dark. Lighter! Lighter!

Designer (lightens twice, restores to original shade): Sure! One moment. And now?

Client (obliviously): Perfect! You're awesome. Thanks!

The designer imagines life on Mars.

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