Move Faster

Designers don't want to deal with minor text and color adjustments, and makers don't want to wait for designers.

Hotpot helps developers and makers both move faster. If designers provide graphics as SVG files, you can edit colors and text yourself with Hotpot. No more waiting. Edit them yourself like a PowerPoint slide.

These can be logos, game assets, buttons, icons, or other graphics. This game asset and this app icon illustrate how you can edit with Hotpot. There is a rising trend of developers recoloring app icons for different holidays or events (e.g., Christmas, Halloween), so Hotpot can help there as well.

Simply create a new Hotpot design and upload your SVG graphic, which exposes the colors and lets you pick solids, linear gradients, or even radial gradients. You can also mix the graphics with text. Soon we will release a wizard to help you choose colors, too.

P.S. If you work at Google, could you help us secure the domain?