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Advances in AI mean now anyone can create art and images. makes it easy to harness the power of AI art generators.

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OpenAI and Google are pioneering incredible image generation services, harnessing the power of AI to allow anyone to create professional-grade graphics. This technology can understand simple instructions and produce art and images -- similar to how a designer or artist might take instructions from a client.

But is this art or even intelligence? Short answer: the semantic quicksand of debating art and intelligence is irrelevant. What matters is if technology can help people and advance society. Can AI help turn imagination to reality, bring a smile to many faces, become merchandise to sell on Shopify, create cover art for aspiring musicians, or help perform other countless creative tasks?

Imagen is groundbreaking vision research from Google that delivers on the promise of technology: empowering normal people to gain abilities previously affordable only to the rich. For now, Google has decided not to release Imagen publicy.

Use Imagen AI Online

Concurrent with the open-source code release, we will also offer a web interface to use Imagen online via

Imagen Code is implementing a basic, open-source version of Imagen and will release this on September 30, 2022.

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