ID Picture Creator

ID Picture Creator

Create ID pictures, badge pictures, license photos, passport photos, and other professional portraits with AI.

Our AI removes the background from a picture, cleanly extracting an individual and superimposing a portrait onto a custom color or image.

This product is based on the Hotpot remove background AI technology.

Our software performs multiple validations beyond background removal and replacement. These include checking for blurriness, detecting eyes and mouth, verifying head pose, and ensuring a single face.

The final result is cropped and resized to provide a professional headshot suitable for identification purposes.

This product supports ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards for pictures.

SaaS Integration

The simplest approach to making badge pictures is with the Hotpot SaaS API integration. SaaS integration is ideal for small and medium organizations who value speed, convenience, and price.

Self-Hosted Container Integration

Hotpot also provides a self-hosted container option for enterprises and organzations who demand maximum data privacy and architecture control. See here for details on the self-hosted container option.

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