Unlimited Pass

Each Unlimited Pass costs $20 and grants up to 3 people unlimited graphics for 30 days. Besides saving money, the Unlimited Pass lets you save time by skipping the payment form for each graphic.

Share Unlimited Passes with anyone -- friends, co-workers, even strangers.

After purchasing an Unlimited Pass, you will receive a promo code for creating graphics and bypassing the paywall. No account needed. :)

This is ideal for professional designers or users who need designs without the commitment of a traditional subscription. Designers, if the conversation below feels painfully familiar, please ask how Hotpot can empower clients to edit designs themselves and spare you from design purgatory.

Buy Pass · $20

Client: Could you darken this shade of blue, please?

Designer (cheerful): Sure! How about this?

Client: Darker.

Designer (still cheerful): Okay. Now?

Client: Darker!

Designer (outwardly cheerful, inwardly not cheerful): No problem! How does this look?

Client: Argh! Are you color blind?!?!?! This is way too dark. Lighter! Lighter!

Designer (lightens twice, restores to original shade): Sure! One moment. And now?

Client (obliviously): Perfect! You're awesome. Thanks!

The designer imagines life on Mars.