AI: Augmented Intelligence

The Real AI: Augmented Intelligence

Since Hotpot launched in 2019, our goal has been to accelerate and automate graphic creation. Vision AI at the time was constrained mostly to fancy filters and specific domains like image matting and background removal. Natural language processing (NLP), however, had already experienced profound advances thanks to Google Brain and other innovative research labs.

Vision has caught up. OpenAI, Google Brain,, and others have ushered in a new era of AI with groundbreaking models that empower anyone to create beautiful art and graphics within a few seconds.

Naturally, the visual nature of vision AI has drawn more attention -- and scrutiny.

At this critical inflection point, AI leaders must help educate the public with balanced, fair analysis about the benefits and costs of AI. Far too often, tech leaders ignore public discourse and focus solely on building the future. The inevitable and regrettable consequence is leaving education to outrage artists who opportunistically seize on scary points and inhibit the progress of essential, valuable innovation.

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